Former Royal Marine Commando Physical Training Instructor Puts Together Specialised 12 Wk Home Workout Programme, 

To Reach New Levels Of Fitness & Energy,  no matter what your current fitness levels are. 

How Would You Feel If You Could Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life From Your  Home, Garage, Hotel, Garden, Park, Or Gym ? 


If you want to have 10 x more energy and be 10 x fitter than you are now, Then read on 



Example Workout 

Are You  Any Of The Following ?

  • Struggling To Come Up With Challenging Workouts​

  • Overworked Overcommitted-Family/Work/Social Commitments Leave Little Time For Working Out

  • Lack Energy To Play With The Kids, Keep Up At  Work, Keep Up A Social Life, Have A Sex Life​

  • Feeling Embarrassed About Your Body/How Things Have Slipped Over Time.

  • Hate Looking At Yourself In The Mirror As You've Let Your Slide 

  • Struggle With Time With Your Busy Schedule And Need Convenance And Done For You Approach


You recognise you need to keep fit and raise your game, to tap into your potential again. The trouble is that whenever you start something new there always seems to be a distraction and you slip off the wagon again, and you have no idea how to start again.

Without clear structure there can be no progress. This 12 week fitness programme gives you that structure needed to make sure you are showing up and getting a good workout done.


You don't have to think about  what you're doing , you just show up and get to work on your fitness levels, which will positively help by contributing to your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical.


I'm James Boardman I've been coaching men all over the world to rediscover the best version of themselves, by finding consistency in their personal life and career with control and clarity.


I'm a former Royal Marine Physical Trainer and left the military to be at home with my children 

When I first started my career out of the military, I was a personal trainer with 100's of members joining my bootcamp.


We were responsible for the fitness and conditioning of all of our clients. 

I then founded The Dad Coach, which rebranded to the Man Coach. In 2017 I wrote a book called 'It's A State Of Mind' which gave men a basic guide to being more aware of themselves and how to change the basics, to be the best version of themselves.


When I very first started I ran an online bootcamp, where I would supply a brand new 4 week programme every single month. I've taken 48 of the best exercise routines and put them together to create this 12 week home fitness programme for you.


You will find yourself challenged in a  mixture of functional movements, core conditioning and interval training. Theres kettlebell workouts to own body weight workouts, you adjust the timings to meet your needs and levels of fitness.  


I've Put  Together 6 Videos Of 


My Most Impactful Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

  • Creating Your 12 Week Plan

  • Managing Your Week

  • Setting Up Self Reflection

  • Balancing Your Time & Energy

  • Understanding Your Priorities

  • Creating Your Rules

Value  - £99​

But This Is FREE With The  

12 X Week Zero 2 Hero Home Fit Plan 



  • An Extra 15 X Own Body Weight Workouts 

  • Mobility Routines  

  • Example Warm Ups

Value  - £79​



I've been where you are right now.


The reason I connect with my clients so well is because I've suffered from the lack of identity, direction and lack of clarity that many of you are facing right now.


I lost my ability to function at my best, and be the best version I can for myself and for those around me that mattered.


But I pulled it back. I found the strength and commitment to put me first again so that my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing was as strong as possible to control my life and rediscover myself.   


I did that through exercise and prioritising myself firstI hope that this programme can help you start the process to rediscovering  yourself



Questions Answered

What Kit Do I Need?

Do I Need To Be Fit To Do This ?

Do I Need A Gym Membership To Follow The Plan 

Large Parts Of The Programme Are Own Body Weight. However I Do Use Kettlebells , Dumbbells, Slam Ball And Power Bag In Some Of The Workouts.


You Could Get Away With Using A Kettlebell As  A Replacement For The Power Bag And Dumbbells Exercises


The  Current Offer For The Programme Is