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This is a NO BRAINER for anyone looking to make changes in their life mentally, emotionally and physically

It's NOW Time To Focus On Your Future, Your Direction, Your Mission


STARTS; Saturday 16th October  



Here's A Quick Introduction To The Platform 

Do you Remember The Last Time You Did Something That Truly Makes You Happy?

Remember that feeling of being totally immersed in the place you most love being.


The moments of tranquility where you don’t have to focus on your responsibilities, and you feel completely alive.


Enjoying banter with your mates.   


How long has it been since you thought about what you really are  about?


Chances are, you can’t really remember what it feels like to be hungry about anything anymore...

Do You Feel Angry And Frustrated 

That You’ve Lost The Joy In Your Life?

You’re not alone buddy.


Most guys hit a certain age, and feel like things are all wrong. You might joke about your ‘mid-life crisis’ -  but there’s nothing funny about the state of men’s mental health in our society.


A recent survey (by the people behind International Men’s Day) uncovered some sobering things about men’s attitude to their own mental health:

  • Men are 3x more likely than women to become alcohol dependent
  • Men are less likely to access psychological therapies than women
  • Mental health issues have a negative effect on work and family relationships
  • The biggest pressures we’re under come from work, finance and health
  • Men over the age of 35 in particular, have unique factors that affect their mental health
  • There’s a link between mental health and physical health

If that sounds familiar - you don’t need to feel this way. You don’t have to suffer in silence.


No matter how low you’re feeling - even at rock can push yourself up.


Got negative people in your life or your past? Prove them all wrong.


What you need is clarity, goals and routines so that you can reconnect to the version of yourself that experiences joy and fulfillment.

If You’re Kind To Yourself,
Everyone Around You Benefits

There’s no getting away from it. Life’s complicated and busy. You’ve got multiple responsibilities - work, kids, your partner. 


Just getting to the end of each day takes all your energy, there’s nothing left over just for you. It’s easy to start feeling like

you’ve lost touch with your true identity, and that you’re struggling to find your real purpose in the world.


If you feel like you’re just existing, rather than living - I’m here to help you.


The irony is that by putting everyone else first, you’re actually not doing them (or you) and favours. 

Finding time for your own physical, mental and emotional health is important. By becoming the best version of yourself you can be - you’ll be a better partner, father, employee or business owner.


Thousands of men have worked with me to learn how to prioritise themselves. 


What they discovered is that when they’re healthy, happy and fulfilled, the knock-on effect is amazing:

  • Their relationships become more stable and healthy 
  • They discover a deepened sense of responsibility - not only for their own wellbeing, but for their family as well
  • They become more resilient and their family feels like a stronger team 
  • They feel more self-confident - and know they’re showing their kids a positive role model of how it looks and feels to be confident in your own skin

What Tony Robbins Taught Us
About Why Motivation Is Overrated

When you think of Tony Robbins, what’s the first word that comes to mind?


 Motivation, right?


 In a TED talk that’s been watched by about 10 million people, he came out onto stage and the first thing he said was that in spite of what everyone thinks, his job isn’t to go around motivating people.


Instead, he’s the guy who wants to know WHY you act the way you do.


What is it in your thoughts that makes you behave the way you do? 


Because the truth is...your emotions are driving you. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, and you’re not aware of most of it.


The habits you have, the patterns of behaviour you engage in. 


They’re all driven by things that happened in the past. Stories that you tell yourself about who you are, and what you’re capable of. 


That’s why in the 28 Day  I’m there to kick your arse.


I get you to take actions and create habits so that you don’t need to rely on motivation.


Motivation won’t get you through when you can’t be bothered to go for a run first thing in the morning.


But committing to taking that action for 28 days (with me keeping an eye on you) - gives you the space to build new habits.


Write new stories. 


Create a new identity.


And THAT’s where you’ll create long-lasting and life-changing results.

What My Military Career Taught 
Me About Habits And Routines 

You’ve probably heard the idea or phrase that you should make your bed every morning.


In the military it was an important part of our daily routine.


On the surface, it seems mundane and ridiculous. But if the first thing you do every morning is accomplish a task - no matter how small - you’re giving yourself a little burst of pride. 


You’ll get momentum and be ready to tackle another small task. And another one.


Over the day, you’ll finish lots of tasks. 

Routine is the key to your success. And a successful routine is made up of lots of small tasks, that bundle up into something bigger and more powerful.


The other thing about making your bed is that it will help you reinforce to yourself that the little things matter. 


So when you find yourself coming up with excuses to not do something you don’t want to do (or do something you shouldn’t) - remember your tidy bed and realise that the small steps are what add up to a marathon.


Look, I’m not going to be ragging on you to prove that you’ve made your bed every morning. 


But a  big part of what we work on together in the 28 Day is getting you into a morning routine - which is the foundation of creating the change that you’re looking to make in your life.


When you reduce the procrastination in your life, it’s amazing what you will achieve.

You Don't Need To Be
Afraid Of Your Feelings 

Recently, I came across a book that a guy wrote about his challenges with his mental health


On the surface, he looked like he had it all. Married and a homeowner. A baby on the way. He had a successful career and had completed the personal challenge of bike riding 10,000 miles from Thailand to London. 


So far, so textbook life.


But he admitted that behind the happy veneer he had a bundle of insecurities and anxieties.


He was barely sleeping, felt like he wasn’t really connecting with anyone, and was lacking real joy in his life.

The book went on to talk about his journey to mental health in more detail, but the big lesson I took out of it - was that learning how to open up was instrumental in his recovery.


It’s easy to think that people will reject you if you’re honest about your fears and insecurities.


What the guys in my program find is that by opening up and sharing their real feelings, it’s easier for the others to do the same.


It opens up a safe space for people to have conversations. 


The 28 Day is a safe place where you learn to share what’s going on in your life. You’ll be with like-minded men - who are ready to move on from their old habits and thoughts. 


It’s not necessarily easy, but I am with you every step, to help you reclaim a brighter future. 


A key part of making things better for your mind, is getting your physical game back on track.

The 1% Rule:

Make Lasting Changes With Small Steps

Taking care of your body is as important as taking care of your headspace. Health is one of the most important factors in how we’re able to focus our energy on the things we need and want to do.


When you get your mind in a place where you’re ready to change, your body needs the same care and attention to get fitter, feel better and more active.


You’ll be more energised and better able to engage with your family.


Creating habits that allow you to focus on small, incremental changes - means that you’ll be feeling and looking better consistently. Without burning out.


You want to look in the mirror, and be content with what you see. To be happy that you’re fitter, and able to keep up with your kids. 


You’ll feel the benefit of daily exercise in your energy levels and stamina. Not only that, there will be a shift in your mindset as well. 


The 1% rule means that getting up earlier in the morning to follow your routine - each day it gets a bit easier. Each day you have a little bit more belief in yourself to do the difficult things.


Don’t underestimate the power of these small shifts. These tiny steps will lead you to a better and more powerful version of yourself.

Become Friends With Food

One of the easiest ways to start shifting weight, is to keep an eye on your calories.


 Less energy in, more energy out – and you’ll be looking and feeling so much better.


I’m not here to tell you what to eat, or to get you on a fad diet.

 What you will focus on if you join 28 Day is tracking your calories. 


And making sure you’re fueling your body and mind properly. 

You might think that preparing food that’s nutritious and good for you is too time consuming. 


That it’s easier to pick something up as you go through your day.


Problem with this is that you’re letting your cravings dictate what you eat - and they rarely have your best interests at heart.


Getting in the habit of preparing meals in advance means that you’re always ahead of yourself, and aware of what you’re eating.

The Power Of Your Inner Circle

Have you heard the phrase that you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with?


I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that surrounding yourself with likeminded and supportive people is the key to your success.


We’re all born into circumstances that we have no control over. But in your adult life, you get to choose who you hang out with - so choose wisely.


Who you hang out with, influences your behaviour and influences your personality


What you think and how you act is what creates your reality.


That’s why I’m really careful about who I let into my programs. 


There are zero alphas in my world. We work together to support and lift each other up - and that’s done with consideration and tolerance.


But don’t get me wrong. I’m not interested in tiptoeing around snowflakes either.

If you like an unpolished, raw and no-bullshit approach to getting you unstuck, then I’m your man.


When you’ve lost your mojo, a big dose of tough love is the only way to snap out of it.


I lean heavily on everything I learned in the military - and I’ll be honest...I’ve had experiences and learned life lessons that others haven’t. And this benefits you.


Every man brings his own dilemmas and setbacks to the group. 


What I create is a network where you lean on and support each other. You show up and share what you’re learning, share the love, share the inspiration, share the vulnerabilities. 


And I’m right there with you. I’m working on improving myself right alongside you - because this work is never finished. 


So if you’re ready to create the best version of yourself.


If it’s time to show up as the person, parent and partner you know I can be.

The 28 Day ​Challenge
A Programme Designed To Help Men 

Stop Existing & Start Living

If you’re ready for a life of enjoyment, fulfilment, health and prosperity, I’d love to offer you a chance to join me in the 28 Day Man Movement


Through daily accountability tasks, a personalised fitness app, video tutorials and a safe space to be supported with like-minded can unlock your own plan to personal fulfillment and purpose. 


We work together for 28 days, and here’s what you get:

  • Find out real secret to become the best version of yourself (without relying on just willpower).
  • You’ll learn simple strategies that will double or triple the likelihood of you following through on your goals every day.
  • The tools and skills you need to put your focus where it really needs to be (and be surrounded by men just like you on the same journey).
  • Finally experience what it feels like to have a clear and stable mindset.
  • Create routines to get back into your training like clockwork. 
  • Take the next big step in your career or business without giving into feelings of feeling like a fraud.
  • Create a life that’s less stressful and more organised.
  • Become lighter, fitter, faster and more in control of your life.
  • The tools to feeling like a better father and partner - by focusing on yourself.
  • Create a better work/life balance.
  • Feel energetic and sociable - rediscover the joy you used to have in life.
  • Be a strong and proud role model for your kids and their mates.
  • Get a good balance between your work life and your home life.
  • Get more time for yourself and what lights you up (without annoying the Mrs).
  • Learn how to find more love (for yourself and others).
  • More time and energy for your kids.
  • To not feel dependant on praise from others for fulfilment.
  • Feel more connected with your partner.
  • Be more fulfilled and driven with the work you do.
  • Live more in the moment - look forward to the day ahead - be excited & energised.
  • Feel a real sense of achievement and success.
  • Actually, let me pause for a moment here because…

Even If You’re Feeling Suffocated By The Person You’ve Become,You CAN Feel Lighter Within 28 Days

Look, I've been where you are right now.


The reason I connect with my clients so well, is because I've suffered from the lack of identity, direction and clarity that you’re facing right now.


But I pulled it back. I found the strength and commitment to put ME first again. I made my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing strong as possible to control my life and rediscover myself.   


I'm SUPER driven about helping guys find their best again.


If you are ready, and you are prepared to put the work in and meet me 1/2 way then you can expect these 28 Days to help to guide you to a better way of living.

I’ll show you: 

  • How to start prioritising yourself (and uncover the reasons why happy relationships work best when you do)

  • Learn how to manage your life again (so that you’re not constantly on the backfoot and spinning out)

  • Get access to the routines that help you to be more present and connected with your family and friends

  • Why your morning routine is the most important way to start the day

  • How to stay on track - accountability is a huge part of the program, and I’ll teach you how to not only create, but to maintain your new lifestyle

  • Get back in shape and feel less self-conscious about your body

  • Discover self awareness - knowing where you are, where you’re coming from and where you want to go

  • Learn what it means to find your Northstar, and how this is the foundation of finding fulfillment and drive

  • Why routines are the single most important way to get the work/life balance you’re craving (and how to implement them in a way that they stick for the long-term)

  • Learn how to timetable your week so that you create a plan that matches your priorities with your energy (almost no-one does this, and it’s the main reason you don't feel aligned with what you want) 

  • Understand the connection between calories, exercise and your mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Get access to my Private System for making sure you’re filling up with nutritious food rather than empty calories (even if you have no idea of where to start with food prep)

  • Learn how to monitor your fitness progress so that you are able to maintain your fitness plan (and see your own body transformation)

I know that if you join my program, you will see rapid changes to your life. Not only that, you’ll create habits that stick, so the changes are for life.

What You
Get In The Program?

My 28 day program is based on the 4 key pillars of:

  • Personal development

  • Health

  • Business

  • Relationships

Everything we do together is focused on working on these pillars - sometimes individually, sometimes together. 


Once you have these 4 parts of your life in balance, you’ll see huge shifts and transformation.


In practical terms, this means:

  • 2 x ZOOM coaching workshops, discussing your breakthroughs and and focuses, these eye-opening sessions.

  • 15 POWERFUL educational modules designed to build the foundations of your habits, routines & structure, that will help you develop your character and identity. 

  • A PROVEN structured accountability system - you will be expected to follow this (if you don’t plan on showing up, there’s no point in signing up)

  • A private support group where you have access to me for mentoring, coaching, guidance and accountability 

  • The support group is also where you connect with your fellow program buddies - you help and lift each other up for the time we spend together.

  • Build better nutritional habits with guidance on calorie tracking 

  • Access to The  Man Coach APP which gives you structured workouts for the home and gym - these workouts are PROVEN to get results (if you do the work)

  • Mine and my teams  undivided attention and focus for the entire time we are together. I will show up every single day to keep you on track.

  • Extra guidance and focus from your ambassadors along the way, you'll be allocated an ambassador before the course. These are men that have worked with me for years, and all have been through the hardships your have.

  • A system to build and grow your morning routine

But, I Only Want You To Join Me If...

You’re willing to make the effort for the full 28 days. If you join up and then flake out after two weeks, you’re not someone who is ready to join my world.


When you sign up to my program, you’re making an investment in yourself. I love working with guys that want to invest in themselves. My drive is helping you. And my mission is making sure you get everything you need. 


What I don’t love about my job is when guys come up with excuses. Claiming you don’t have time is BS. I’ve got the system that finds the time for you - as long as you commit to it.


If you join up and disappear, we’ll probably kick you out. No refunds (we donate the money to charity).


I’m not telling you this to scare you off. I’m telling you this to get you fired up.


If you're going to do anything - do it properly. If you invest in yourself - then invest in yourself. Be present. Be active. Be engaged. 

Please take note that the point of the 28 days in the program is for you to come first. You come before your job.  You come before the wife, you come before the kids, the mortgage payment...everything. 


This isn’t about ditching your responsibilities, but you have to be the first thing that you think about when you wake up. 


Your health has to be the first thing you look after. 


Your mental state and way you conduct yourself is your number one priority. 


Be clear on what you want out of the 28 days. Be clear. 


Some men join up for fat loss. Some join to improve their career. Others want structure and organisation, or clarity to save a relationship. 


Your job is to get clear on your purpose. Finding that purpose leads to consistency, and with consistency comes results. 


You’ll Get When You Order Today:​

£527 In Bonuses

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’m 1000% committed to helping you to get results.


So I thought to myself...


What else can I offer to make sure they are set up to be as successful as possible through the program? 


So, when you book your early bird place, I’m going to give you the following additional tools and support, 100% free of charge:

  • Group Focus Coaching Session 

    (Value £149)


    Before the programme even starts, I'll deliver a high-value coaching session to those on the Early Bird Phase. This will give you the opportunity to understand how to best approach the course.  

  • BONUS - Our 12 wk Zero 2 Hero home conditioning programme (Value £149)

    With over 60 workouts to choose from, you will never have to think about creating your own work out again.  

  • BONUS - 5 x Video series 

    I've Put  Together 6 Videos Of My Most Impactful Strategies You Can Implement Right Now


    (Value £149)


    ✅ Balancing Your Time & Energy

    ✅ Understanding Your Priorities 

    ✅ Planning your quarter 

    ✅ Managing The Week

    ✅ Creating The perfect day

  • BONUS - 1 x Extra week to fully prepare for the course. (Value £60)

    You'll get access to the coaching platform, and work through your pre course tasks to get 100% ready for what's ahead of you.  

  • BONUS - 20% Off Remember The Mission Seminar

    ​This is going to be the event of the year for men. Our seminar, training day, will host motivational speakers, workshop sessions and experiences from some of those that have taken the plunge into changing. You'll have a  one time offer to grab your 20% off.  

What The Programme Does For You

Here's what we'll do together when you join us on the 28 Day Program: 

  1. Learn how to start prioritising  yourself FIRST once again
  2. Learn routines and planning systems that move you from feeling overwhelmed to feel clear and focused 
  3. Stay on track for the long term, and maintain your new lifestyle
  4. Improve your physical, mental and emotional conditioning

STARTS: Saturday 16th October 



Investment: £249​

EARLY BIRD Investment: £145


I've been where you are right now.


The reason I connect with my clients so well is because I've

suffered from the lack of identity, direction and lack of clarity

that many of you are facing right now.


I lost my ability to function at my best, and be the best version I

can for myself and for those around me that mattered.


But I pulled it back. I found the strength and commitment to put

me first again so that my mental, emotional and physical

wellbeing was as strong as possible to control my life and

rediscover myself.   


I did that through exercise and prioritising myself firstI hope

that this programme can help you start the process to

rediscovering  yourself




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