James Boardman Presents…


Remember The Mission: Seminar

Helping men get on their feet, to start showing up again. With direction, purpose, drive and passion to become the Elite Operator of your life  

Get ready for a day of hard truths and tough love methods to reset your vision of your life.


We are a GOOOOO!!! 

Confirmed Date: Saturday 27th November

Get set for a day of high impact talks and workshops to gain

clarity on where you are,and where you want to be in life.


You’ll also have the chance to mingle and meet your fellow Mastermind brothers.


It will be a great chance to meet you face to face and be able to interact with you.


After the last year or so we’ve had, we could all do with a mindset reboot and find some focus to build on. 


James Boardman

Former Royal Marine/Coach To Men Worldwide  

I am your Hooooooooost

I'll be discussing 


✅ How to build an Elite Operator Mindset 



James Boardman is a former Royal Marine Commando. He served as a Sniper and Physical Trainer Instructor.


He served for 9 years and served in Afghanistan in 2006. He left the military to be home with his children but feel into 3 year rut.


He has since rebuilt his life, creating numerous businesses, building up men around the globe to become Elite Operators in their own life's.


He teaches men to become the priority of their own life, so they can be the best version of themselves to their families, career, family and friends.


James has a no nonsense approach to personal development, extracting all of the tip-toeing around the issue and diving straight into the issues to make breakthroughs for those men in front of him.


James is the author of the Best Selling Book: It's A State Of Mind              

Dr Tom Waller

International Speaker 

Dr Tom is one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic health professionals with a purpose to Inspire, Educate and Serve.


He does this through his busy full-time chiropractic practice, as well as through his other businesses as a sought-after entrepreneur.


He is the host of the Dr Tom Show Podcast and coach to wellbeing entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as consulting for companies and government organizations on team productivity and wellbeing.


His mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve outrageous success while remaining true to their purpose.


A regular guest expert on radio, an international speaker and property investor.


It is his mission to inspire you to bring your unique gifts and talents to the world and create a life of abundance and happiness.

Martin Stapleton 

Former Royal Marine,MMA Trainer 

Martin ‘.50 Cal’ Stapleton is a Former Royal Marines Commando & MMA World Champion that now fills the position of Head Coach at SBG Rochdale. A very Proud Father of 2 Children (Olivia & Jenson) & Husband to Wife of 13 Years Hayley,


Stapes spent 12 years in the Royal Marines completing Operational Tours of Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. As well as Operational Tours, Stapes spent time on Training exercises in Countries including the USA, Oman, Senegal & Northern Norway where he was put to the test in the Royal Marines infamously arduous Artic Warfare Training Course with 42 Commando, Royal Marines.


In 2006, Stapes specialised in the Physical Training Branch of the Royal Marines where his love for Coaching & Mentoring was born and truly nurtured. During Stapes time as a Physical Training Instructor he made his Professional Debut in Mixed Martial Arts and from that point onwards his Dedication to his role in the Royal Marines was matched by a new Dedication to becoming the best MMA Competitor he could be.


During the Course of Stapes career as a Pro Athlete in MMA, he has been selected to represent Team UK in the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter, won numerous British & European Titles and in 2015 was crowned as the prestigious BAMMA World Champion in the Lightweight Division.


Stapes now Balances Training as Pro Fighter with Coaching his own set of students in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts at his Gym SBG Rochdale. Stapes draws on his vast experience of Life in the MMA World, in War Zones across the Globe and as a Father to help create an unbreakable Mindset in his students first & foremost which is combined with a Sharp Skillset.

Confirmed Date: Saturday 27th November


Here is a glimpse at what we are going to be covering throughout the day. It is a full on schedule, and there will be lots of information coming your way. You'll be oozing passion by the end of it  

  • How to become an Elite Operator 

    Looking at what an Elite Operator mindset is, how it can help you become more consistent, controlled and give you more clarity 

  • Congruence, the linchpin to your mission

    Learning to be congruent to align with your mission in harmony and how this is vital to your success. 

  • Creating Direction With Your Mission 

    Learning how to reverse engineer a plan. To build an emotional connection with the direction you want to go in life, learning to become the priority to win the mission  

  • Q & A 

    An opportunity at the end of the day to ask questions with me, that will hopefully give you guidance.  

  • How To Build Mental Resilience 

    Look at how you build your fort around your state of mind, to get the chaos at bay and stay on path. 

  • A Fighting Mentality To Winning life

    How to really dig down deep, and find that fighting spirit to get you back up everytime you've been knocked down   

  • Bouncebackability 

    Listen to two 15 minute stories of men that have bounced back from the trenches to re take control of their life and priotiyies 

  • V.I.P Session 

    This will be a sit-down session and an opportunity to work with James to focus on your biggest barriers in stopping you progress today.  



Saturday 27th November


Villa Park, Birmingham B6 6HE


08.45 - 09.25 - Arrive

09.30 - 14.30 ish - Event 

15.00 - 17.00 - V.I.P Sit down

19.00 B Ham > Getting on it  





Should there be a lockdown, or some other issue that prevents us from putting this show on We have scheduled for April 2nd 2022 as the back up date. In terms of arrival, we'll have to do a temperature check. Please bring a mask, the choice to wear it is yours, but this may change depending on the venue and the current restrictions at the time.    



Remember The Mission Ticket Options 

General Ticket 

  • General seating

  • Tea & Coffee

  • 10% Off all clothing for the day





V.I.P Ticket 

  • V.IP Seating 

  • Tea & coffee + lunch

  • V.I.P 2 hour coaching session after the event 

  • 20% Off all clothing for the day 

  • Receive full recording of the days talks  





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